Disston d8 dating

The dating is approximate, but is believed to be in the middle of the henry disston and sons split nut period in this medallion, we see the disappearance of all but one of the dots in addition, the border of the keystone is bold and solid, unlike any other in. Saws, saw devices and disston saws disston d8 point 28 long 4 1/2 points disston d8 point 28 long 4 1/2 points with good engravings on blade $ 7500 add to. The disston d-8 thumb hole rip saw is the holder of many saw patents the other day i purchased a disston d-8 thumbhole rip saw i have had some of these before and knew them to be very good saws. Get youtube red working not now try it free find out why close two disston d8 saws sharpened and tested - duration: 3:08 brit01425 7,243 views.

Disston backsaw - back and handle dating by p notes on method of dating h disston had his own brass foundry early on and cast his saw screws. After some help, i found out this was a saw that was originally sold by harvey peace, then after disston bought out peace the saw was sold by disston the earlier version sold by peace had a straight back, and the later ones sold by disston usually had a “sway back” like the d8 made popular the patent was by almon lord – brooklyn, ny. Dating planes plane how to’s making a saw handle for a disston d8 comments and ideas go here here we go with a handle build for the disston d8 series.

Find great deals on ebay for disston d8 saw and disston 12 saw shop with confidence. Sanford levy hi i have a question about dating disston saws by their medallions from what i have read here and elsewhere, it seems that a disston saw could be dated fairly well by its medallion, as shown on the disstonian institute web site.

The disston finger hole hand saw number d8, sometimes known as a disston thumb hole saw the handle is often made from apple wood (as shown in the image) however it can be made from other selected hardwoods the handle has 5 brass securing buttons, one of which has the larger face medallion with markings 'h. Identifying and dating disston saws this medallion is found on disston saws made both before and after the major product line change of 1928. Last week i picked up an excellent 26″ disston d-8 crosscut saw with 8ppi tags: cross cut saw, crosscut saw, d-8, d8, disston, disston d-8, hand saw. The d8 with the thumb hole was offered from about 1880 - 1950 if you had a closeup of the medallion you could get a lot closer in dating it good behavior is the last refuge of mediocrity -- henry s haskins.

Dating disston hand saw medallions and a timeline of the company explore old tools, wood shops, and more antique disston d8. The disston d8 hand saw was the most widely produced saw out of the range of disston saws there for information on dating this saw and other british saws.

This is a nice, clean 26 long blade, 8 point crosscut hand-saw marked, with the hanging scale (d8) etch on the blade the etch is still visiable and reads henry disstion & sons philidephia lightweight and also has a quality notice etched to the right side of this makers' etch. The d8 handle will be bolted to the 1-2-3 block that is mounted in the mill vise flush with the surface of the vise jaws the ratchet, which is commonly found seized due to the mysterious green goo used as a lubricant, works smoothly in both directions. There are few saws with a henry disston etch the same year disston started using etches on the saws, hamilton disston became a partner in his father's company hamilton was listed in the 1865 city directory living in his father's house on front street his trade was listed as a machinist the company was called henry disston and son.

Bad axe tool works d8 handsaw: aka 'the henry disston' our d8 handles are patterned quite closely after the vintage disston d8 handles. Disston d8 dating nurmo klen the saw plate cleaned up quite nicely and the original etch revealed that the saw was a disston d the best place to go online for. Forty six years ago, as an apprentice, i bought a spear & jackson tenon saw, a sandvik panel saw, a disston rip saw and a disston panel saw i have used them since 1965, throughout my life as a working craftsman, (that means most days) sharpened them myself month after woodcutting month, and they are still have about two-thirds. And lastly, saw #4 this is the one i actually wanted it’s a disston d-8, manufactured before 1928 (the one part of the etch visible was actually the d with the “8” showing allowing me to date it as at least that old) 27 3/4” long, starts at 7 ppi and the majority is 55 has a thumb hole for two handed sawing on long rips.

Disston d8 dating
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