Dating a drug dealer yahoo

Alright i was dating this girl for a little over 3 years, we broke up for various reasons about a year ago, but we still talk. It happened to me: my boyfriend is a coke dealer from the minute you start dating a drug dealer you instantly have about 500 new friends sounds fun, right. So i've known this guy for two years and we've been talking for a while and just this year he started dealing for whatever reason we get along really well and i like him a lot but the fact that he's a drug dealer is. Would you girls ever date a drug dealer he got loads of money.

Yahoo canada answers dating someone like that would also influence me to do all the things hes selling and ladies, would you ever date a drug de. I'm 18 and i have fallen in love with a drug dealeri come from a very respectable family and have never been in trouble before however i met this guy and fell in love with him from the moment i saw him.

My good friend is dating this new guy and hes a crack dealer i have tried to warn her that if she's with him she's going to get in trouble too he leaves his stash in her car, in her house, and he has people meet at her house. I like a drug dealer but since he is also a drug dealer would you be turned off if you found out your date was a virgin. I do not know about other countries but in the usa yes you can if the man drug dealer you are dating gives you money that was made from dealing drugs.

“why do some girls prefer dating a drug dealer than a guy who is in college” girls who date drug dealers have an iq of a plant when it comes to creating an. The good, the bad and the ugly of dating a drug addict and two of them were with drug addicts dating became a daily juggling act between love and drugs.

Best answer: pros- in the long run, none cons- jail, prison, lack of self respect, possibly threatened, hurt, beaten, or killed, becoming an addict yourself, etc.

Should i date a drug dealer alondra khristian loading [email protected] real talk dating the dope boy. Yahoo uk & ireland answers if you were dating some drug dealer for some freaky reason my sister is dating a drug dealer. I've been dating this guy, hes amazing - cute and no one would ever think hes a drug dealer i've known him for 6 months and we.

Yahoo uk & ireland answers singles & dating next i'm in a relationship with a drug dealer she's the one who broke us up and is dating. I just broke off a relationship with a drug addict, dealer i love this guy, but i cant stand the lifestyle anywhoo, he was living at my house im straight by the way, i dont use drugs, but he is a severe addict. He doesn't seem like the type at all funny, cute, small, clean and wears lots of casual things although he has a few tattoos, he still seems nothing like a drug dealer after a month of dating him i noticed how he called some of his friends 'his runners' he personally doesn't do much drug dealing however has people who work.

Dating a drug dealer yahoo
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